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The Expert Concrete Contractors Toledo Ohio Locals Can Count On 

When you find yourself searching for “Concrete Companies Toledo Ohio” – your search can stop here. Our team of expert concrete contractors can service both residential concrete and commercial concrete projects. Concrete is reliable and quality choice of material for a variety of your needs. When you partner with one of our experts for your projects, you will receive a high level of quality and craftmanship. Every single one of the services our Concrete Contractors Toledo provide are offered by professionals who are licensed and insured.

We are ready to take on any project you have from basic concrete slabs to pouring concrete foundations or creating beautiful stained or concrete patios to really make your space stand out. Our services are not limited to new concrete pouring, we also have you covered for any concrete repairs, including foundation repair Toledo OH residents can rely on. Our #1 Toledo concrete contractors  have the expertise to handle it all with a smile! We are capable and eager to take on your concrete projects, no matter how big or small. 

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Improve the visual appeal to the exterior (or interior!) of your space by engaging with one our contractor contractors Toledo Ohio

We can provide the traditional concrete services with basic concrete slabs for driveways, sidewalks, patios, porches, and pool decks.


Do you have a problem with your concrete? Your concrete has cracks or become unlevel, causing a tripping hazard. Or maybe you need a concrete foundation repair.  We provide concrete leveling and concrete repair Toledo locals can count on.


In addition to basic concrete pours, our team can help set your space apart with adding imprinted concrete or stained concrete. Whether it’s a patio or a pool deck.

Additionally, we can create the popular concrete countertops Toledo customers desire!

Concrete Services provided by an Expert Contractor

Our goal is to partner expert Concrete Contractors in Toledo OH with our customers to provide quality and service for their concrete projects. We are committed to ensure we understand your need and vision for your project, as well as your goals to get the job completed in an affordable, quality, and timely fashion. We take pride in the work our network of concrete contractors provides. We aim to be the number one choice concrete contractors Toledo Ohio can count on for their projects, whether it is a new project or a concrete repair. If you are in Toledo Ohio or a surrounding area, rest assured, your search for “concrete companies near me” ends here! Give us a call so we can discuss your vision for your concrete project and how we can help!

Concrete Patios
Concrete Sidewalks
Concrete Driveways
Concrete Repairs
Concrete Leveling Toledo
Concrete Resurfacing
Concrete Polishing
Concrete Foundation

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Stained Concrete
Stamped Concrete
Basic concrete slabs
Garage slabs
Pool Decks / Pool Resurfacing
Concrete ramps – ADA Compliancy
Concrete Retaining Walls
Cement Pavement
>Your idea lives here! 

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Toledo Concrete Repair

Do you have a problem that requires concrete repair that the #1 Toledo Concrete Contractors can come to the rescue on? Although concrete is a durable material, shifts in the ground under it, or normal wear and tear over decades of use can require attention. Our network of highly skilled and experienced concrete companies in Toledo Ohio can assist with a variety of concrete repairs. If you find yourself searching for Toledo foundation repair Toledo Ohio, a crack repair which cause a tripping hazard, or you need concrete leveling Toledo Ohio due to sagging from the group settling underneath; our team of concrete contractors Toledo Ohio locals trust and rely on is ready and able to help! Make your space not only look better; but improve the safety and stability for many years to come! We are the top-notch Concrete Contractor Toledo OH locals can count on for concrete restoration needs!

Concrete Patios

The weather is nice. The sun is shining. It’s time to entertain outdoors! Who doesn’t love a beautiful outdoor living space? Our team of expert concrete contractors can transform your dull outdoor space into the desired place to gather and entertain! Adding a concrete patio to your backyard or business is a great way to enhance not only the visual appeal, but the functionality of your space as well.

While even a basic concrete slab can help add functionality to you outdoor entertaining space, why stop there? Take the visual appeal and functionality of your space to the next level by adding a patio with style! Our contractors can handle anything from a basic concrete patio Toledo locals desire, to the projects that take your space to the next level with adding stamped concrete or stained concrete. Whether it’s a patio or a pool deck. Let’s connect to make your vision a reality!

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concrete driveway installation Toledo

Concrete Driveways & Sidewalks

You are looking to install a driveway and have to decide between Concrete and asphalt. This is an important deciding factor as it is representative of your home or business image; your driveway and concrete sidewalk to your entrance are the first thing people see when they approach your property. Selecting a material that will not only enhance the visual appeal of your property, but provide sustainable quality for years to come is important. Concrete is a great choice as it lasts a lifetime and doesn’t need resealed year after year and provides durability. Additionally it will match your concrete sidewalks for a consistent appearance. There are multiple advantages to a concrete driveway installation, make sure you reach out to our team of experts to discuss your needs and timeline. We service both residential and commercial customer needs. We will install your driveway, your way!

Concrete Pools & Concrete Pool decks

It is hot outside. You want cool down but you either don’t have a pool, or your pool is in rough shape. Don’t sweat it! (pun intended) We can help! With our team of experts, you will have a reliable concrete contractor Toledo OH locals have trusted to work on anything related to their concrete pool area. Whether it’s the pool decks, concrete inground pools, and concrete pool repairs, our contractors are ready and eager to service your concrete pool needs! If you need a new pool, we can pour the concrete and create a beautiful area for your concrete pool deck as well.

Or if you are in need of concrete pool resurfacing, or any other pool repair, rest assured we can handle it all! Waiting for a pool repair can be costly. When the concrete pool cracks, water will begin to leak out. This is a problem as it can erode the area around the pool; causing further issues. Additionally, refilling your pool can be costly for your water bill! If you are looking to repair the concrete pool deck around your pool, our trained contractors can help with concrete deck lifting, concrete leveling Toledo Ohio, concrete repair and caulking and pool deck concrete sealant.

Let us help you get ahead of the problem by giving us a call today!

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Toledo Concrete Retaining Walls

Are you considering adding a retaining wall to your space to prevent erosion or create level areas in your landscape? Or perhaps replacing an existing one to make it more cosmetically appealing? There are different materials available for these projects. As a property owner, it is important to choose a material that is durable and will last for years to come as the ground shifts. Concrete retaining walls are a wonderful choice to aid with both the functionality and visual appeal of your structure; whether it’s a straight or a curved retaining wall. We have you covered with durability, quality, aesthetics and affordability! Call us for a free quote!

Concrete Countertops Toledo
& Polished Concrete Floors

Are you trying to determine if a cement countertop is the choice you want to go with? Concrete countertops are high in demand!  They are a customizable, durable, beautiful and easy to clean countertop surface. Cement countertops can be installed in your outdoor entertaining area, or in kitchens and bathrooms. You have the choice in size, shape, color, texture, edge profile, or the ability to replicate other countertop material surfaces. They are a great choice for both residential and commercial applications. We are the best concrete companies Toledo Ohio and surrounding areas can count on.

Polished concrete floors are a becoming an appealing trend as well for both commercial and residential applications. It provides a no-wax material for your floor to achieve a high gloss finish. Whether it’s in a warehouse, office, or your home or garage, we are your concrete contractor for an expert job well done!

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Who We Are:
Expert Concrete Contractors Toledo

Your search for concrete companies in Toledo Ohio can end here, with our network of professional concrete contractors. Concrete Experts Toledo is partnered with local concrete contractors servicing Toledo OH and the surrounding areas for all of your concrete projects. Our team of experienced and skilled contractors will partner with you to put your ideas into cement. We are eager to do quality, affordable, and honest work when partnering with each of our clients; no matter how big or small the project is. We are a network of reputable, licensed and insured concrete contractors Toledo Ohio and surrounding areas trusts to partner with. When searching for reliable concrete companies Toledo locals can count on, rest assured we are ready and eager to service your residential or commercial concrete project!

Why Choose Us

“Why choose us” – Well that is easy! the question is, why would you not choose us? We partner with reputable and local concrete contractors Toledo locals can trust to partner with to share their vision for their concrete projects and complete them in an affordable, timely, professional manner. Other concrete companies in Toledo Ohio cannot compete with us. Our licensed and insured concrete contractors are ready and eager to help!

While we have plenty of reasons you should choose us, below we have listed the top five reasons why you should choose us as the #1 Contractor Toledo Ohio locals can count on. Give us a call and see for yourself why we are the best choice! 515-303-3193

  1. Quality Work is a top priority. Our team of Concrete Experts provide the best quality results for any project you are dreaming of. We stand behind our work and operate with high standards. We understand that concrete projects are not cheap. And cheap contractors are not good. When searching for a concrete contractor in Toledo, keep in mind that concrete is a long term material, but if poured incorrectly by inexperienced or lazy concrete contractors, it can end up costing you more in the long haul. We use quality materials that yield quality results you can count on and we can be proud to stand behind and stand on! 
  2. Being Licensed and Insured is not something to take lightly. Concrete Contractors. Rest assured, all of our experienced and skilled professionals understand the importance of having the appropriate protection and coverage to put our customers at ease when we are servicing their residential concrete or commercial concrete needs. Hiring a contractor that is not licensed and insured can result in unexpected expenses for the property owner. If the property is damaged the contractor does not carry the appropriate insurance to cover the damages, or if the contractor is hurt on the job, and the contractor is not insured, the homeowner could incur the bill. Make sure this is part of your screening process when selecting a contractor. We will make it easy for you by assuring we have ourselves covered so you do not have to worry.
  3. Honesty and Integrity are part of our operating model. From the moment our concrete professionals connect with our clients we strive for transparency and candor. If we have concerns with being able to complete your job with quality due to any safety risks, we will be sure to disclose that up front. We do not want to take your money and run. We want to partner with our customers for durable, quality results at the best price. On the other hand, we will not charge you for “extras” that your project doesn’t require to achieve the result you want. If in the process of completing your project, we need to deviate from the original plan for any reason, we will explain the circumstance and obtain the customer’s approval prior to proceeding.
  4. Affordability. We understand the need for a durable yet affordable service. We aim to provide concrete Toledo Ohio customers with competitive rates without sacrificing quality. Your concrete repair or concrete addition does not have to break the bank. Give us a call for a free quote on your concrete repair, driveway, pool, patio, concrete countertops or any other concrete project you can dream of!
  5. We strive for Speed and Efficiency. We work with our customers to understand the desired timeline of their project and work to provide realistic expectations to provide a desirable final product in a timely manner without cutting corners or sacrificing quality.
Residential & Commercial Concrete Contractors

We can pour concrete where ever the property owner desires. It does not matter if you are a home owner or a business owner, we can service you with high quality results. 

  • Concrete Pool & Pool Deck
  • Slabs – for garages, sheds, outdoor basketball courts
  • Retaining walls – these can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing
  • Stamped, Stained, Polished – we have all the finishes you could dream of
  • Concrete Repairs – from cracks, to concrete leveling, to any other repair – we are ready for the challenge!
  • Concrete ADA Ramps – we are happy to help make your space ADA compliant

Let us be the ones solidify your idea!

See below for an example of the services we offer. If there is anything else you have in mind, put us to the test and give us a call!      >> Contact Us

  • Cement Patios Toledo
  • Cement Sidewalks Toledo
  • Cement Driveways Toledo
  • Toledo Cement Repairs
  • Concrete Leveling Toledo
  • Concrete Countertops Toledo
  • Concrete foundation repair Toledo Ohio
  • Resurfacing Concrete Toledo
  • Polished Concrete Toledo
  • Cement Foundation Toledo
  • Cement Retaining Walls Toledo
  • Stained Concrete Toledo Ohio
  • Stamped Concrete Toledo
  • Basic concrete slabs Toledo
  • Cement Garage slabs Toledo
  • Concrete Pool Decks Toledo
  • Concrete Pool Resurfacing Toledo
  • Concrete Pool repairs Toledo
  • Concrete ramps Toledo
  • Pavement Toledo
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